The game

NAPUCHE - When the sun rise again.

After the Second World War, a band of adventurers started raiding the mexican villages. They took what they found and left the people with nothing. On one of their raids they found something they have never dreamed of. An ancient text of the Legend of Napuche and a secret ritual to awaken the sungod himself. They hoped for treasures beyond imagination, that their reward would be the power to turn things into gold. Following the instructions of the ritual they found the statue believed to be the incarnation of the sungod himself and the smaller statues of the four lesser gods that had the power to awaken him.

While preparing the ritual the Mexican Civilwar broke out and they had to leave the process unfinished and fled the country. The adventurers never returned. But they have disturbed the slumber of Napuche who cast a curse upon the Earth. The nights are geting longer and daylight is fading from the world.

You have been sent to finish what the adventurers started, find the statues needed for the ritual and awaken the sungod so he may break the curse. But Napuche has a final test for you. You have exactly one hour to set things right, but if you fail eternal darkness will fall upon our world!