The game is intended for groups of players from 2 to 6 persons.

We ask that the teams who have booked a game, to arrive 10 minutes before the appointed time to avoid any delays. It is not recommended to arrive more early because the preparation of the game is taking place in that time period.
It is important to arrive exactly on time, because the game of all other teams would be delayed who are scheduled afterwards.
A maximum of 5 minutes delay is acceptable, however any delays longer than this will be deducted from the game time.
The game does not contain any scary or horror elements. Our goal is not to frighten you in any way, but to chalenge your logic and perception.
The game area is not closed, because the goal of the game is not to escape the room but to solve the tasks and wake up Napuche the Sun God. This way even claustrophobic players are able to play and have fun. The game area is unfortunately, not suited for persons with disabled conditions.
Parking is possible in the paying parking zones through the street next to the building.

Rules of the Game

The players of Napuche accept that they may only play the game if they agree to the fullest with the rules of the house and sign the statement of liability.
All players must play the Napuche Game at their own responsibility.
Persons under 14 years may only play if they are accompanied by adults who agree to take full responsibility for them.
The game is not recommended for persons under 6 years. No person under the effects of alcohol or any kind of drugs or heavy medication may be present at the game site.
The posession of any items like piercing or cutting tools or firearms etc, that may prove dangerous to the health of its owner or the health of others is strictly forbidden in the game area!
No aiding equipment of any kind may be brought to the game area!
No pictures or videos may be taken in the game area!
We ask all our players to use the material in the game area as it was intended to be used. Any damage caused by a player must be immediately compensated by the player causing it. The operators of the game can not be held liable for any injury caused by the player to himself or others.
The players accept that the game master is monitoring their progress in the gaming area through surveilance cameras at all times.
No audio or video footage will be taken of the players.
At the booking of a game, players must give valid personal data.
Abscence of these information authorises the operators to cancel the booking if necessary. The neglection of the rules and the instructions of the game master may result in permanent exclusion from the game area.

The Napuche game combines the elements of past with the technology of modern days.
Many electronic contraptions, intriguing puzzles, lights and shadows, stimulating sounds and an authentic gaming area await to chalenge you! Come and help save mankind from eternal darkness! It’s up to you to save all of us!